Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Earring holder with vintage hardware

Saving every piece of hardware you see has it's down side...Hardware is heavy.  Hardware can come in dirty.  Hardware does not always 'speak to me'...

 BUT when it comes together it can be FABULOUS!

 A pretty finished back

PERFECT!  Exactly what I needed for the wire earrings!  And when I want I can flip it upside down, open the hinge and hang it on the wall!

Where 1 is good 2 is better!  Sprinkler flower faucet soooooo cute!


This came together for one Lucky Dog! Actually, that being said, two snuggle buddies will fit in it... 

Denim and studs create the style and hand painted bone accents attract the 'bad boy'...perfect for the Country Rock Star dog.

A set of BIG button feet, a bit of fringe, a bunch of rag torn roses, throw on a bling here and there and time to perch like you own the place! 

The denim mattress reverses to a sharp black and white. Comes with a bolster pillow and mini faux-fur accent pillow.