Saturday, March 24, 2012

Home of the Brave Courtyard: Welcome Home Soldier!

In a previous post I mentioned I was not sure how I would use the Home of the Brave sign.  Thought I would show you...

I put together a very large 'woods inspired' wreath (hubby calls it 'the weed') with moss, pussy willows, bark, branches and lovely natural natives of our area.  Attached the flags and sign and waited for 'leave' when our soldier drove 1400 miles in 20 hours to get here!  He noticed and smiled, shaking his head, "You put that out there for me didn't you mom?"...I know he loves these touches!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Home of the Brave

This is the lid to a 12" x 7" Vintage wine box.   It's been in use in the garage for decades and eventually, due to the humid climate, it no longer slides onto the box itself.

'Sonoma Valley Wines from Sebastiani Vineyards' on the original top and painted and stenciled 'Home of the Brave' by me on the reverse.  'Home of the Brave' because in this case it is true!

Not sure how I will hang it; I like that it's two sided, but hanging it will hide the wine-side.

I'll clarify:  the box is vintage; the wine loooooooooong gone!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is it finished?

Hmmm, since the white on this painting photographs blue-ish I am wondering if I am just not finished.  There is no blue in this room! I was going for a lattice-like affect.  Did I capture that?  Hmmmm?