Monday, July 9, 2012

The Throne

  Here is the 'Throne' bed.  
It's a substantial piece of furniture with ultra suede and a French phrased upholstery panel.  The headboard is from an antique mirror frame, the mirror long gone, years ago.  I just knew I would use it some day!

 Rough translation thanx to Google translation: 'when an event is banal and an adventure breaks out, it is time to tell the story'.  

The Little Guy feels regal on this Throne!

Time to get off the Throne, neighbor Jake!
The little gold crown pillow has 3 vintage crystal buttons that bling in the sunshine!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I'm sure I'm not the only one to whom it seems there is always an event in the way of moving to the next big task.  Since Memorial Day I have said AFTER the rain stops and the 4th has come and gone I will reorganize the studio, garage and attic. 

(The no more excuses time has arrived!  Or has it? )

It's getting to the stash(es) of collections and materials piled up or tucked away for future art & craft that has become overwhelming.  I actually want and need to have the work space de-cluttered so I can move more freely as I get the dog beds made.  I do think less searching for the elements will help me, a lot!

I am distracted by the heat so I am working in the hot studio rather than purging the blistering attic.

So, as I take a break I visited Mamie Jane's blogspot and thought I would show one of my collections.  It happened during a bit of a re-do in thinking in how to use vertical air space; here is a stack of vintage tablecloths and a jar of creamers looking pretty on the kitchen display shelves.

Satisfied with myself having pulled things together and happy to repurpose the big glass cylinder previously for large flowers arrangements:

Creamers: they will be enjoyed on a vertical view!
The studio and garage and attic can wait for a cool down and I still made progress, right?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A real sparkler of a 4th

Our tradition of celebrating the 4th of July is both exhausting and exhilarating.  The dishes are finally clean and the yard once again bottle-cap and debris free.  

Without 'Picnic Style' we would be hungry!  Our being able to host these backyard parties depends on the older generation bringing the side dishes as the 21+ fill up the iced kiddy pool & coolers with beer!  

Even The Little Guy celebrates! He loves the flannel fabric on this Patriotic Pup Bed

 The tradition continues and the yard is in full bloom!  Of course, when we forget about all of the work and do it again next year the only suggestion to guests is likely to be the usual:
  • Wander over to say 'hey' with a drink in your hand
  • Wanna stay awhile? Bring a dish to share
  • Want protein? The grill will be lit (and tended) throw it on, sit down and be served by the talents of the man of the yard! 
As hostess I wander and wander and enjoy all the conversation and activity. 

Every year on the days following as I load and reload my dishwasher I make a mental note: 
'At the end of the evening ask guests to take their side dishes with them, so, I don't have to remember who brought each container to return!'  Okay that's not the full I don't have to clean them!  

Maybe next year I'll say if you leave your Crate & Barrel casserole THANK YOU, I Love IT!

Maybe next year!