Saturday, July 7, 2012

A real sparkler of a 4th

Our tradition of celebrating the 4th of July is both exhausting and exhilarating.  The dishes are finally clean and the yard once again bottle-cap and debris free.  

Without 'Picnic Style' we would be hungry!  Our being able to host these backyard parties depends on the older generation bringing the side dishes as the 21+ fill up the iced kiddy pool & coolers with beer!  

Even The Little Guy celebrates! He loves the flannel fabric on this Patriotic Pup Bed

 The tradition continues and the yard is in full bloom!  Of course, when we forget about all of the work and do it again next year the only suggestion to guests is likely to be the usual:
  • Wander over to say 'hey' with a drink in your hand
  • Wanna stay awhile? Bring a dish to share
  • Want protein? The grill will be lit (and tended) throw it on, sit down and be served by the talents of the man of the yard! 
As hostess I wander and wander and enjoy all the conversation and activity. 

Every year on the days following as I load and reload my dishwasher I make a mental note: 
'At the end of the evening ask guests to take their side dishes with them, so, I don't have to remember who brought each container to return!'  Okay that's not the full I don't have to clean them!  

Maybe next year I'll say if you leave your Crate & Barrel casserole THANK YOU, I Love IT!

Maybe next year!

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