Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pampered or Spoiled?

So excited I am now collaborating with a fantastic shop keeper who is carrying these little pads for you pet-pal!  


 Pillows are reversible (black/white flips over to hot pink bubbles with a coordinating plaid box; trimmed in lace and fringe.)

AVAILABLE: Pink Four-Poster with Bow
 Interior is 21" x 12" so the perfect fit for your 'toy' breed (Pug, Toy Poodle, Jack Russel, etc) and
has the CUTEST hardware and comes with a companion pillow stuffed in feather down just for you!

We would LOVE to ship one to you!

We offer custom orders or, select a finished product and we'll decoratively paint it with your pets' name and a word or two that best describes your relationship: pampered, spoiled, buddy, purrfect, etc)

Hand crafted in the old school way each is individually made and takes about 6 days of thoughtful design & labor PER finished product.  We can ship available items with-in 2 business days.  

For Custom orders allow 4-6 weeks to your door! INQUIRE regarding 'time til ship' on custom pieces; please reserve yours!


AVAILABLE: The Little Guy!
this will fit your small buddy: Chihuahua, cat, mini Pinscher, etc

Has a nice vintage yellow and black.with a custom backboard full of critters to keep your little guy company!  Stenciled with 'Perky' on one side and 'Perch' on the other.  (I will add a picture later, just noticed I did not get a photo of it and it's at the shop!)

So, the question is what's the difference between Pampered and Spoiled?  Your comments welcome!

Thinking "I can do this!"?  Here's what you'll need:
  • about 20-40 hours of hands on production time with 4-6 days for curing time, etc
  • an eye for product design and time to search for
  • the ability to re-finish wood
    • sand
    • stain
    • paint
    • finish
  • accurate measurement & creation of headboard
  • secure installation of posts and feet 
  • Sewing Knowledge and Experience
    • tufted mattresses
    • pillows
  • know-how for applying decorative Hardware and Paint

If you checked 'got it all' on the above list, the skill & confidence is there:

Here is the list of electric tools I use:
  • table saw
  • jig saw
  • sander
  • reversible drill
  • scroll saw
  • Sewing Machine (I use a Bernina)

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