Sunday, April 6, 2014

The original and favorite Woody Woodpecker

This little buddy has been coming to the Pink-tipped Redbud tree outside my kitchen window for about 5 years. I am certain it is the very same bird, he even looks quite a lot older this year.  He first showed up young and vibrant working like a crazed jack-hammer to create a home for his family in our courtyard. 

This season and last his visits were fleeting SO, I was thrilled to have been at my sink when he arrived. 

This is one of those 'little-big-deals': he arrives, hops about on the branches, gives a few test pokes, circles the branch and quickly wings off but, this time, my camera was at the ready (as I was trying to photograph my art paintings)!   The reason he hasn't moved in for 2 seasons?  We had to remove the largest branch that had been his home the previous 3 seasons (insert sad face).  The very reason he liked it is what took it away: bugs!

I suspect he is somewhere nearby.

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  1. awesome photos! i love woodpeckers!

    best regards:))