Friday, January 6, 2012

2012- To put it simply: time to get started.

At some point I guess I have to listen.  Friends compliment me on the way I make stuff...I suppose it's called 'style'.  Of course, everyone has style but this is just the place I'll share inspirations that get me going along in my Rainheart Daze way and most of what I place here I expect will fall into the DIY category. 

This will evolve but at the outset I want to share things I've made because making pretty things is very satisfying.  Finishing a project, even more so! And hey, if I blog about it, it may hold me to the fire!

Cheers to using lessons of the past to avoid as many creating mistakes as possible; clearing away rain clouds and distractions and finishing at least 1 ambitious project a month!


  1. Un blog muy interesante.

    Un saludo

  2. Thank you Dana, I am flattered as I enjoy your blog as well!