Friday, January 6, 2012

Birds Nest Teapots

I have a rather large collection of vintage linen 'calendar tea towels'.  They are always showing up in one place or another around my home.  This past Christmas I used my feather birds as the theme in my dining room and worked in some of the tea towels...can you see where I used them?
I centered the tables with Birds Nest Teapots (actually 2 teapots, 2 coffee pots and 1 chocolate pot) you see the tea towels yet?

No more guessing...this shows the materials used for the centerpieces. The tea towel was rolled up on the diagonal and wrapped around itself to become a nest which I set on top of moss.  This one got 2 small egg shaped soaps and a ribbon and all were finished with a branch of wired bead and crystal sparkle that acted as steam coming out the spout.

 Some of the other pots lids have Christmas embellishments that can be swapped for another season...

...this one will stay out through Spring...

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