Sunday, February 3, 2013

Amaryllis in FULL bloom!

These made it into the pot a bit too late for the Christmas decor...wouldn't they look great in a big Cupid pot? 

The 3 large and healthy bulbs were a gift from my green thumb S-I-L.  Her yard in the Willamette Valley is GORGEOUS.

I planted them in a single pot December 18th I was a bit under pressure and over budget on holiday decor so, I didn't shop/buy new pots and they landed in the biggest pretty pot I had available without me going to the shed....I thought it could be big enough to squeeze them all in....slightly!

I have no idea how to keep these bulbs alive for next year; the producer is Hadeco (have not looked it up yet but I just noticed the web address on the label !!)

I LOVE the names of the flowers: Wedding Dance, Razzle Dazzle and Ragtime which is the BIG double red flower.

If you know how to keep these alive for next year please feel free to leave a comment!  (Climate area 6)

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  1. Further Care

    After your Amaryllis has produced its flowers for this season, it will concentrate on developing its foliage.
    Faded blooms may be snipped off at the pedicels ("small stems") from the top of the (main) stem; leave the main stem uninjured for photosynthesis to continue.
    An Amaryllis bulb produces flowers once per year - in Spring. Hadeco Amaryllis purchased in the Northern Hemisphere will flower their first season in Autumn/ Fall as they have had their previous growing season in the Southern Hemisphere. If grown on in the Northern Hemisphere, they will adapt to Spring flowering after one season.
    Should you wish to maintain the plant after flowering - for re- growth and blooming next year - keep the bulb in a warm and sunny place (indoors if it is winter). Soil should be kept just moist by watering every three days.
    Feed with a bulb or household plant fertiliser every two weeks. If necessary, stake foliage and stems.
    Keep the bulb growing through summer, preferably outdoors with maximum light.
    At the onset of the next Autumn/ Fall, place the bulb - in its pot - on its side in a dry, dark and cool place. A temperature of 6°C to 13°C (46°F to 55°F) is ideal. Not below freezing at any time.
    Allow the bulb to enjoy a well- earned rest - without food or water - for between two and six months; it will remain dormant so long as it is kept cool.
    Bring the bulb out of dormancy when the ambient temperatures are warming up or about six weeks before you would like it to flower.
    After this period, cut off the old (browned) foliage. Remove the bulb from its pot and wash the bulb and roots carefully in water. Now repeat the planting process as before. With proper care it will flower again as temperatures warm.
    If sprouting occurs during dormancy, the bulb is responding to warmth and should be allowed to continue its growth as per the very top section above Preparation.