Thursday, February 7, 2013

Amphibious Art

This sure is a one of a kind that took a 'whimsey' mood during the creative process!

This Creature is mermaid-ish (or is it Merman?) and Amphibious (the two characteristics are HUMAN & FISH (rather than Land and Sea)
The lovely natural Silk used for the body is the perfect 'muddy pond' color and hand sewn with glass beads.  Fin tail is a gorgeous, wavy, high fabric and embellishments are shiny and simply pulled from the stash, a bit of tulle, a bit of yarn, etc.

The face is watery, slime green, pond scum-ish with an expression that is Mona Lisa-esque don't you think?

It can be placed on a sofa, chair or table to greet quests or has a way to hang from a ceiling hook to seemingly float toward you!

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