Sunday, February 24, 2013


Lest we take ourselves too seriously (something I did for far too long) I have been throwing some mini-portraits of clowns to the wind in the form of ACEO.  

3" x 3" original acrylic on wrapped canvas frame

As I paint I imagine these clowns have worked very hard entertaining crowds of mildly disdaining people; maybe a too long parade or not enough money for the fare home and next thing you know, it's the morning after and they wake up in a bus station.  But are they discouraged?  No. The smile tells all...someone has actually dropped change in the hat and there is a photo-booth in the lobby....
                       These are in my Etsy shop (hence the necessary '@' symbol)

If this is your first encounter with ACEO here's the definition :
                         Art Cards Editions and Originals

These little treasures are a well established phenomenon in the 'artist community'.  They were developed by artists who traded or handed them out to fellow artists or clients as calling cards...original, memorable and the trend grew.  

ACEO has opened up a world of affordable art to artist-collectors and now just art lovers in general.  ACEO is perfect for the full audience of creators and collectors of mostly 'outsider' artwork.   

ACEO is open to your own interpretation and further definition; there is a blurry line these days between 'art' and 'craft' and that is much of what makes admiring ACEO so fun.

I have been creating a wide variety of ACEO for a while now...well before I knew there was a name for it and seemingly a whole community devoted to it!  

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