Friday, February 22, 2013

Spotting the Spotted Owl


As a deconstructor/reconstructor when I get lucky the re-purposed turns into something good looking, whimsical or even functionally satisfying

Put an Owl on it
The somewhat vintage fabric for this little skirt awaited an idea to bring it to a hanger as a finished fashion item.  In the Pacific Northwest you can't help but notice the 'put a bird on it' theme in many of the boutiques, so, I jumped on board with an old favorite, a spotted owl.

I decided to send this one out for sale and a kind shop keeper, a sweetheart really, with an eye for cool trends swept it up.  

I'm sure there's a more up to date name for it but I'll call it 'urban casual' style and I plan to create a few more items with my original owl design so, stay tuned!

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